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Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating

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Products / Kypros Solar Systems

Kypros solar systems are easy to install and adapt to any existing system. They operate on closed circuit principles where a glycol, non-toxic mixture, is used to protect the system against calcification and freezing conditions.

Depending on the criteria of each house, the unit could be installed either on thermosyphon principle


Or only the collectors could be placed on the roof

In all installation cases the system is made of a boiler and a collector, the number of collectors depends on the capacity of the system.

Kypros boiler is made of either 3mm galvanized steel or stainless steel, and insulated by 5cm polyurethane, covered with 1mm galvanized steel to preserve hot water for a longer period. The system needs solar radiation to heat water however in case of inadequate solar energy; Kypros has installed a heat exchanger for back up purpose.

Kypros collectors' size is 2m2 and are made of 10 copper pipes along with special electrostatic paint that covers the collectors' surface for greater absorption of the solar energy. Heat losses are reduced by 30-mm thickness polyurethane insulation. Besides, the special security glass, thickness of 4mm, absorbs heat and radiation without reflection and its frame is extracted from aluminum to resist all weather conditions.

Whatever the way the system is installed it should be noted that it pays back for itself within six months thus recovering the initial investment and assists in conserving the environment by eliminating toxic emmission into the atmosphere.