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Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating

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About Us

Kypros commenced business in 1994 aiming to supply and install quality solar units, to reduce both the pollution of the environment and the expenditure of fuel.

In an attempt to fulfill our purpose we tend to promote the advantages of using solar energy to the environment.

It has been proven that the present worldwide energy and environmental problems are due to a certain extent to our consumption of fossil fuel. This demands that consumers give due consideration to improving their current method of energy consumption by resorting to solar energy. Since it operates with the cleanest, quietest, simplest, free energy source available, the sun.

Another way to accomplish our goal is when the decision to turn solar is taken customers must be provided with a pleasant experience and be given a realistic expectation of a return on their investment.

The former is achieved by a visit from our consultant to the customer's residence to make sure that all installation criteria exist. Also to evaluate the quantity of solar water needed, thus recommending the most appropriate unit then submitting a written offer.


As for the return on investment, solar units are economical compared to the operating costs of a conventional hot water systems since they help in reducing the bills around 80%. Also due to the nature of the climate in Lebanon they are well productive over 300 days per year.

Finally the use of solar energy will be beneficial not only to the environment but also to the quality of our life. It is not a temporary investment but one for the future.