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Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating

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 How does the system function in summer and winter?
 On sunny days solar water systems are heated when the sunlight strikes a light absorbing material (i.e. the black surface of the collector), which converts the sunlight into heat. Then the hot water moves to the boiler thus replacing the cold water inside it. This process continues till all the cold water in the tank become hot. In winter, if there is minor solar radiation moderate water could be generated for this reason a heat exchange back up system (built in inside the solar boiler) is required to cover heating needs during cloudy days.

 Does Kypros System produce electricity?
No our system only produces hot water from solar radiation.

 Would freezing temperature damage Kypros Collectors?
Kypros system operates on close circuit principles to prevent frost and clogging damages.

 Does Kypros system need routine maintenance?

The system does not usually need any routine maintenance during its five years warranty however for further customer satisfaction a yearly maintenance contract is issued upon request.

 How to determine the size of the solar system to be purchased?
Installations differ from one house to another due to the quantity of hot water used. On average most domestic installations need between 200 and 300 liters of solar energy. An accurate answer is provided when our consultants visit the site to conduct a study.

 Is installing a Kypros solar system economical?
Purchasing a solar system is a lifetime investment since by using solar energy we are getting more than 90% of hot water free from the sun thus saving money by decreasing the consumption of fossil fuel. Therefore it is economical if compared with the operating costs of conventionally powered hot water system, it pays for itself within six months and at the same time it contributes to the protection and preservation of the environment.